Android oreo 8.1

The Android Oreo 8.1 operating System

Android oreo 8.1

Hello Guys, Today i am going to talk about Android Oreo 8.1, OS (Operating System) currently running on the latest Android Mobiles. Android Oreo cookie is the name of the present version of Google’s mega-popular mobile OS (Operating System) that is out there currently for Android devices.

In terms of feature highlights, Oreo cookie focuses totally on speed and potency. For Google’s phones updated to humanoid 8.0, another name for Ore cookie.

The boot time is cut nearly in and we have seen phones from alternative makers rushing up, too, to boot, the software update tackles nettlesome background activity that drains your battery and your knowledge arrange.

While it skimps on new visual changes, Android Oreo 8.1 packs in some helpful style tweaks, like picture-in-picture mode for multitasking with the likes of YouTube, Hangouts etc, moreover as notification also offer you a colorful nudge to examine out your notifications.

Since humanoid Oreo cookie 8.1 has launched, there square measure even additional options to examine out. creating the upgrade to Google’s latest mobile OS (Operating System) version all the additional tempting for people who do not have a supported phone. AR Stickers, out there for constituent phones, injects even additional fun into the stock camera app. keep reading to know the more Advance feature of this software Package.

The final tent pole feature introduced in Android Oreo 8.1 for developers is that the Visual Core. This constituent 2-exclusive software package and hardware perform Excellent that works to boost HDR+ to create the already great exposure capabilities of the constituent a pair of even higher.Head to consecutive page to scan additional concerning the simplest options coming back with the humanoid Oreo cookie update. But first, check up on that phones square measure compatible with the software package.

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