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10 Best Android games for Kids in 2018

Android games

Hello Guys, i am going to talk about some top Android games which are best for the kids. Greatest Video games for Youngsters: These days Kids are actually focused on enjoying video games on cell phones or tablets of their siblings or mother and father or the youngsters need to have their very own tablets. They appear video games to be very fascinating. Choosing an applicable recreation on your child is a tough selection as Play Retailer gives plenty of video games you may’t even rely. Due to this fact now we have come right here to make your job simpler and give you the record of prime 10 finest android video games for Kids in 2018.

10 Best Android Games for Kids in 2018

11. Angry Birds: Android games

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based game play and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.


5 Top Android Launcher those are for free


Hey  Guys, Today i am going to Talk about Android launchers. Android launcher apps have been an integral a part of the Android expertise. When you don’t like the way in which your private home screens look or act, you’ll be able to merely obtain an app to alter all of it. There is no such thing as a doubt that Android launcher apps have a much more numerous set of options than another style of software and you may actually do some superb issues with these apps. Let’s check out the most effective ones.

Here are the 5 Top Free Android Launchers:

11 Nova Launcher: Android launcher

Nova Launcher is our first pick, which offers unlimited possibilities of customization. However, if you want to get most out of this launcher try to purchase the pro version, which is also available on the playstore. You can choose between stock Android like UI or with a UI with no app drawer.


  • Ability to choose between Light or Dark theme
  • Ability to choose app drawer action to customize the style of app drawer
  • Search Bar on the top of app drawer


  • No gesture support in the free version
  • No option for group and hide apps in free version
  • Limited scrolling effect

The Android Oreo 8.1 operating System

Android oreo 8.1

The Android Oreo 8.1 operating System

Android oreo 8.1

Hello Guys, Today i am going to talk about Android Oreo 8.1, OS (Operating System) currently running on the latest Android Mobiles. Android Oreo cookie is the name of the present version of Google’s mega-popular mobile OS (Operating System) that is out there currently for Android devices.

In terms of feature highlights, Oreo cookie focuses totally on speed and potency. For Google’s phones updated to humanoid 8.0, another name for Ore cookie.

The boot time is cut nearly in and we have seen phones from alternative makers rushing up, too, to boot, the software update tackles nettlesome background activity that drains your battery and your knowledge arrange.

While it skimps on new visual changes, Android Oreo 8.1 packs in some helpful style tweaks, like picture-in-picture mode for multitasking with the likes of YouTube, Hangouts etc, moreover as notification also offer you a colorful nudge to examine out your notifications.

Since humanoid Oreo cookie 8.1 has launched, there square measure even additional options to examine out. creating the upgrade to Google’s latest mobile OS (Operating System) version all the additional tempting for people who do not have a supported phone. AR Stickers, out there for constituent phones, injects even additional fun into the stock camera app. keep reading to know the more Advance feature of this software Package.

The final tent pole feature introduced in Android Oreo 8.1 for developers is that the Visual Core. This constituent 2-exclusive software package and hardware perform Excellent that works to boost HDR+ to create the already great exposure capabilities of the constituent a pair of even higher.Head to consecutive page to scan additional concerning the simplest options coming back with the humanoid Oreo cookie update. But first, check up on that phones square measure compatible with the software package.

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Top 5 Android Emulators to run Android on PC

Android Emulator

Hello Guys,Today I will be checking out some Android emulators, so if you don’t know what an emulator is, it is essentially a piece of hardware or a software which enables one piece of technology to behave like another.

Android Emulator

we are basically transforming a Windows PC to behave like an android system to speak. Android emulators on your PC are not going to enable you to play very high-end Android games because that is not how it works. Android emulators for PC are of two type, one is an app based and another one is OS based.

I personally prefer the OS type android emulators because it feels more like Android. But if you just want to play some games on your PC. you should choose the app like one, because they are designed and optimized for users like you. So, let’s get started!

Number 1: Bluestacks -Android Emulator.

Android Emulators


First, we are going to look at possibly, the popular Android emulator, bluestacks. Bluestacks is the first Android emulator that I have tried, and it has improved a lot since then. They have completely redesigned the UI, from the last time that I have used this. You can easily install any android app onto bluestack by just opening the apk file with bluestacks.

I have tested bluestacks with some apps and games, and it worked really well. could play racing games with arrow keys and other keys, and everything else works too. I know for a fact that a lot of people want to use bluestacks for playing games like clash of clans, and it is totally playable with bluestacks. it is a really good option if you just want to run some android apps and games on your PC.

Number 2: Remix OS Player -Android Emulator.

Android Emulators


A perfect example for the OS type android emulator is remix OS or remix player. I am using the remix player because it is much easier to setup. But if you want to install Android on your old PC or something, you should definitely go with the remix OS, Both are exactly the same.

So, don’t worry about functionality or features. it is more like a dedicated Operating system than an emulator. I downloaded the remix player I have used this app a lot couple of months ago and it worked really and it is one my favorite android emulator.

Number 3: Andy -Android Emulator.

Android Emulators


Andy is the next emulator. it is a traditional android skinned emulator with some added features, such as key remapping and game pad support to play games. You can install Android Apps directly from windows to andy.

Andy is running on android version 4.2 that is jellybean That is the only, serious downside but most of the games and apps will work just fine. I cannot get the game pad to work correctly. I think there are some bugs but other than that it is a solid choice as well.

Number 4: Nox Player -Android Emulator

Android Emulator


I Must say, I am impressed by it. I think NOX player is not that popular but it is one of the best Android emulators for playing android games on your PC.

All the usual features are there in this emulator too like side loading Android apps, macro, key mapping, two finger controls, screen capture, controller support etc.The User interface is very smooth. I have not had any lags or glitches while playing some android games, of course.

Android emulators not made for Gaming. But in nox player, even games with really high-quality graphics runs pretty smoothly, it is definitely a complete android emulator.

  1. Phoenix OS-Android Emulator.

Android Emulators


Phoenix OS dedicated Android OS for your PC. you cannot run phoenix OS inside windows without using some virtualization Softwares. I came across a lot of problems while trying to install it on my PC and my laptop, and i couldn’t get it to work.

Then I finally managed to install Phenix Os on my brother’s laptop. But I again faced some problems, there was a huge lag for 5 minutes when I first boot up the OS, but after that 5 mins things began to run pretty smoothly.

you could play games on Phoenix Os, it is powerful. Phoenix Android emulator OS is feature packed.

it is a good alternative to linux, or ubuntu, if you have a laptop that is just lying around and nobody is using it, then I highly recommend you to try this on it. You will not regret it And That’s pretty much it guys later.

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Why You Need A Best Diet for Your Brain- Healthcare


Why You Need A The Best Diet for Your Brain

Hello Guys, today i am going to talk about Some diets which you can use to help boost your brain and those are good for your Healthcare as well.


The researchers found that schools that provided free breakfast for their students had better test scores than those that didn’t. The kids performed 25% better in math, and had similar gains in other areas like reading but this news isn’t entirely new. Breakfast is heralded as the most important meal of the day. And science backs this up.

I mean, the brain consumes a lot of energy. Almost 20% of the energy we consume goes to the brain. Some researchers say that the brain functions best when there’s 25 grams of glucose circulating through the bloodstream. So really, you should keep that as level as possible- any spike or dip can leave you feeling off.

So maybe eating more frequent smaller meals throughout the day can help you avoid a “post lunch crash”. But is there a way to hack your brain with food? Is there such a thing as “brain food?” I was always told to eat a banana before a test.

Curcumin[CUR-Q-MIN] and Omega 3s seem to be buzzing around the blogsphere of late. And there may be some truth to that. According to a paper published in the National Review of Neuroscience, these nutrients lessen cognitive decline in the elderly and improve cognition in people with brain injuries. You are typical sources of this stuff are fish, like salmon, Flax seeds and walnuts very good for your Healthcare.

Curcumin can be found mostly in turmeric, a type of spice. Iron and b vitamins help memory and brain function in women. While diets high in saturated fats, tend to do the opposite. Omega threes and other micronutrients seem to be the heavy hitters of brain food.

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a cocktail ofomega-3s, iron, zinc, folate and vitamins A, B6, B12 and C, helped kids in Australia and Indonesia do better on learning and memory tests. Another study published in the journal Appetite by some of the same researchers found that foods low on the glycemic index are better for breakfast.

The glycemic index rates food based on how it affects your glucose levels, or levels of sugar. The study found that yes, kids memory and cognitive function decline throughout the morning, but a low GI breakfast reduced that decline more than a high GI did. Low GI foods are like fruits and vegetables or oatmeal. So, a good breakfast might be a bowl of oatmeal with a banana rather than bowl of cereal.

So yes, a balanced diet, with fish and fruits and veggies seems to be good for the brain. Eating breakfast might keep you perkier in the morning so you’re more alert to learn more and some studies even show that that old wives tale of chewing gum for a test is true. Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, which more does all sorts of good things. So, before a big test, eat a good breakfast, no not sugary cereals and maybe have a piece of gum.

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20 Best foods to clean arteries naturally.-Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness

Hello Guys, Today i am going to share 20 Best foods from which you can get Health & Fitness Benefits.It is a fact that heart disease is a number one killer one of the main causes for heart attack and stroke are clogged arteries which.

There are many factors which can increase the risk of a heart attack including lack of movement, stress and unhealthy diet. However, some simple changes in your diet can help you to protect yourself and reduce the risk of heart disease. So, we present you some drinks and food which can help you to keep your arteries free of blockage and keep your health Intact.

Number 01: Salmon!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, salmon is considered as the most beneficial food for your heart health. It contains many healthy, fatty acids which are naturally present in the fish. They have the ability to reduce and prevent cholesterol inflammation and triglyceride levels.

Tuna, mackerel and herring are some other healthy fish which you need to include in your diet. Make sure always to buy organic fish.

Number 02: Orange Juice!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Pure orange juice has many antioxidants which can support healthy blood vessels. Moreover, it can help you to reduce high blood pressure. By drinking two glasses of fresh orange juice on a daily basis you will get the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C thus providing your body with vitamins and minerals that will have a positive affection your health.

Number 03: Coffee!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies Many studies prove that drinking 2-4 cups of coffee a day will reduce the risk of heart attack by 20%. However, you should be aware of the fact that the excessive consumption of coffee can be harmful to your stomach.

Number 04: Nuts!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, They contain many healthy fats including Omega 3 fatty acids and unsaturated fat. They are extremely effective for your cholesterol levels and they have the ability to boost your memory and joints. One handful of almonds and walnuts a day and you will see its benefits.

Number 05: Persimmon Fruit!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, It has a rich content of fiber and healthy steroids (?) which can reduce the cholesterol levels. Its sweet taste is the reason why they are called Divine Fruit & You can add this fruit to your salads or cereal.

Number 06: Turmeric!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Cur cumin, the active compound in Turmeric can provide numerous benefits. It will help you to reduce tissue inflammation and prevent overactive fat storage. You can use Turmeric as an addition to different meals or consume it as a tea.

Number 07: Green Tea!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies It has potent calming and energizing properties This is because green tea contains catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant which can support the metabolism and reduce the absorption of cholesterol. In order to get its maximum benefit, make sure to drink 1-2 cups of green tea a day.

Number 08: Cheese!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, The moderate consumption of cheese can help you to reduce the high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Number 09: Watermelon!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, This refreshing fruit will promote the production of nitric oxide and support healthy blood vessels.

Make sure to incorporate this amazing food in your diet and you will see its benefits.

Number 10: Whole Grains!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, It contains a lot of fiber which can reduce cholesterol and prevent its accumulation in the arteries. Foods which are a rich source of whole grain are whole grain bread and brown rice. They will help you to break down the already built up cholesterol

Number 11: Cranberries!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Cranberries are a rich source of potassium. The regular consumption of cranberry juice can help you to reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the healthy one. Drinking two glasses a day will reduce the risk of heart attack by 40%.

Number 12: Seaweed!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Seaweed has a rich content of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carotenoids and antioxidants. The regular consumption of it can help you to regulate the blood pressure and lower the cholesterol levels by 5%.

Number 13: Cinnamon!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Cinnamon is mostly used as an addition in baked goods and tea. It can prevent the buildup in the arteries thus fighting the high cholesterol. One teaspoon of cinnamon a day will provide a lot of benefits for your health.

Number 14: Pomegranates!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, This exotic fruit contains a lot of vital chemicals which can naturally promote nitric oxide production, thus improving your circulation. Pomegranates can be used as a great addition to your salads

Number 15: Spinach!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Spinach is a rich source of folic acid and potassium. which has the ability to reduce high blood pressure, support muscle tissue, and reduce the risk of heart attacks as well.

Number 16: Broccoli!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, It is abundant with vitamin K and it has the ability to reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It can be eaten boiled, raw, as a part of a big meal or as a snack.

Number 17: Olive Oil!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Consuming high quality olive oil is the secret to good health. If you consume cold, pressed olive oil you will get healthy fat and reduce the cholesterol levels. Olive oil has the ability to reduce the risk of a heart attack by 41%.

Number 18: Asparagus!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Asparagus can prevent clogging of veins, inflammation and reduce high cholesterol levels. You can eat it as a main dish, in a soup or as a side to noodles or potatoes.

Number 19: Blueberries!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Blueberries are a great source of potassium. If you drink cranberry juice, you can raise healthy cholesterol levels and low dangerous. Consumption of two glasses per day has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 40%.

Number 20: Avocado!!! -Health & Fitness

According to some Studies, Avocado is known for its health benefits. It contains fat which can promote a healthy balance between the bad and good cholesterol. You can eat it on bread, with eggs, or add it to salad.

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Eight everyday habits that damage your spine -Health



Hello Guys, today i am going to share some habits which can damage your spine’s health. So,you should change those habits to keep your spine healthy.

The spine is the backbone of your body that keeps it together. It is important that you take care of it at any age. We have made a list of everyday activities that, as it turns out, might harm your spine. Who would have known that brushing your teeth could be so dangerous?

Number 8:Washing up. -Health

When washing up, we usually stand in a half-bent position with strained arms Because of this, the intervertebral discs of the thoracic section quickly wear out, which leads to pains between the shoulder blades. How to avoid it? Put a chair or a stool under your knee when you wash up. This habit will help lower the pressure.

Number 7: Changing a car wheel. -Health

Every second car owner has faced this challenge that can give you a pain in the back for the rest of the day. Therefore, don’t bend over to the wheel. Sit on the ground next to it instead so that your eyes on the same level as the car’s fender.

Number 6: Carrying bags from the supermarket. -Health

Despite the depressing reality where supermarkets make millions yearly selling disposable bags, never skimp on a second bag. Some few extra cents will save your spine from extra pressure. Remember that heavy objects should be lifted with your knees bent. For most women, a heavy object is something weighing more than five pounds, or two kilograms. For most men, more than eleven pounds, or five kilograms Also, always remember that you should carry bags only with their weight evenly distributed in both hands.

Number 5: Washing the floor. -Health

If not every day, at least once a week, we clean up our houses and brutally torture our spines. Strained legs and back, active arm movements, weight lifting – that even sounds dangerous. How to avoid it? Don’t wash the floor with your hands and a floor cloth. Use a mop or a brush instead.

Number 4:Lacking up your shoes. -Health

Everything you do in a bent posture harms your inter vertebral discs. Under constant pressure, nutritional substances leave the spine, and it flattens. This results in pressing and jabbing pains in one area or another. A new supply of necessary elements is only refilled when our bodies feel comfortable, for instance, in sleep. In light of this, it is crucial that you monitor the sensations in your back during the day, and don’t put them to a strength test. We recommend lacing your shoes when seated and with your leg pulled up. Don’t do it crouched on the floor or standing and bending over.

Number 3: Carrying a backpack. -Health

Backpacks aren’t just popular with school students. We often jam them full of stuff in a bid to use all the available space. Heavy weights and incorrect carrying have an adverse impact on your spine. Backpacks have two straps for a reason. Use both of them for an even distribution of the load also, give preference to backpacks with wide and soft straps. They provide better shock absorption and lower the pressure on your neck and spine.

Number 2:Taking heavy objects from above. -Health

When you reach up for something, your spine stretches. Now imagine what happens to your spinal discs when all the weight of a suitcase, even an empty one, collapses on them at that moment. It is like throwing a brick on a balloon. Of course, the discs won’t burst, but the consequences can be nasty if you repeat that action regularly. When you need to take something heavy from above, you should use a chair to reduce the pressure to a minimum. Ideally, the weight should be at the level of your chest.

Number 1:Brushing your teeth. -Health

When we stand, the pressure on the spine is much higher than during a long walk. If you have to stand for hours every day, you should find a way to mitigate the harmful influence on your spine. What is the best solution? When you brush your teeth, lean on the wall or the sink with your free hand. By the way, are you trying to give up any habits or adopt new healthy ones? How is it going?.

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Top 11 Cool & Amazing Android Apps


Hello Guys, today I Have got a list of ten really cool and free Android apps that you will definitely want to check out if you don’t have them already and these won’t be in any special order, they are all pretty cool Anyway, let’s get into it

1: Snapseed -Android Apps.

buzztrendings-Android app


This is probably one of the best if not the best photo editing Android app I have come across so far, and it is actually made by Google themselves. The reason I think it is so great is that it has all the basic photo adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, and everything else you would expect, but it also has some really cool advanced tools as well.

For example, it has curves adjustment, so you can finely tune the brightness and contrast and possibly the coolest tool is the perspective tool, which warps the image in such a way that kind of makes it look like you took the photo from another angle, and automatically fixes the cropped edges too Pretty Awesome And of course, it has a ton of pre-made filters as well you can use. So, if you like taking photos and need just a bit more control, this is something to checkout.

2: Flow by Amazon -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This Andriod app is more or less a glorified bar-code scanner, but it can definitely be useful in certain situations. Basically, what you do is point the camera at a bar-code for some product, and it will look up what the thing is, then show you the price on Amazon.

You can scan things back to back, and it also makes a list of the things you just scanned. What I typically use this for is when in a store looking to buy something, and I want to know if I can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Instead of having to search for the thing, try to figure out which version is the right one and all that, I can just scan the bar-code and instantly know how the price compares. Then I can see if the store will do a price match, or if I need to just buy it right from Amazon.

So pretty basic, but it has a cool interface and can be useful.

3: WIFI Analyzer -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This is one not many of you will need but I know there are those of you out there who will. This one looks at all the different WIFI signal bands around you, and can tell you not only which access points have the strongest signal, but also which individual channels are least congested. So, if you are setting up your router, you can use this to choose the best WIFI channel.

Another app is Google Duo, which is kind of like Android answer to Face time. If any of your other contacts have the app, you can call them up and do a video chat, and it is cross platform too, not just for android. Only problem is it doesn’t really come pre-loaded to phones yet, so you will have to go tell your friends to download it before you can use it.

4, Mr. Number -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This is a great app for identifying and blocking potential spam or scam phone calls. It has a bunch of different settings that allow you to filter phone calls from numbers that are known scams, suspected spam, or even unknown hidden callers. But what is more useful is that if you get a call from a number you don’t know, you can look at reports about that number from other users on the app.

For example, you might look up a number and see everyone reporting that it is a credit card offer, or that they called about some other scam And if you really want to lock things down, you can just have it block calls from any number that is not in your contacts at all, but that would be an extreme case I think It is worth checking out.

5: Feedly -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This is a news reader Android app that gives you all the news stories and articles from any news sources you choose and in addition to the app, you can use their website as well, So, I have a few different groups set up for different categories, like all the technology news in one, science in the other, that sort of thing.

It is like a much better version of the old RSS feeds you used to see. The interface is nice, it shows you a little header image that goes with the article so you don’t have to just read the headlines. So, it is a great way to quickly get all the news you want to know about without having to check every website individually.

6: Parallel Space -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This is definitely one of my favorites just because it is so unique. This Android app basically allows you to clone apps on your phone and run separate instances of them. This means if you have an app that only allows you to log into one account at once, you can clone it and have one logged into one account, and a second with another account.

For example, you may have seen in previous videos I have two snap-chat icons on my phone, one is just Snap-chat, and the other is Snap-chat Plus and the plus one is just a cloned version. So, one is my public account and another is my private account, and I don’t have to logout to switch between them, I just launch one or the other.

To use it you just open it up, pick an app you want to clone, and then it does it. It is not perfect though, and sometimes the cloned apps just won’t work. They will either crash, or not let you log in, or some other issue but those issues get fixed after updates. I would say this is one of the more useful apps I have come across so far.

7: Google Trips -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This is a relatively new app from Google that is meant to help you plan trips for places you are visiting. So, you type in what city you are going to be in, and it will give you lists of things to do, places to eat, transportation options, and a bunch of other info And it also ties in with your Google account, so if you have any hotel reservations.

it will see that in your email and automatically show you some suggestions based on that So, if you want to know where to eat, you can look up what are the top spots, the ratings, different types of food, that sort of things Of course you could even use it for your own city if you want to find something new to do Just a neat way to figure out how to spend your time.

8: Google Keep -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


This one you may already have pre-loaded onto your phone, but if you are not using it then you are missing out Keep is a very powerful note taking tool to say the least Of course you can type text notes to write something down, but you can also add images, check box lists, and audio recordings to your notes. And you can set reminder times so it will give you a notification for the note whenever you want But probably the best thing about it is that it all syncs to the cloud through your Google account, and you So if you are on your phone or computer, and you want to copy a bunch of text or something between the devices, you can just paste it into a Keep note, and it will sync to everything.

This is also useful if you want to type up a long reminder, you can type it out more easily on your computer keyboard, then copy it on your phone, instead of having to type it all out on your phone’s keyboard And what I also recommend is putting the keep widget right on your home screen, so you can always have your notes and reminders visible, and you will never forget about anything And that is just a quick rundown. There is really a ton you can do with the app.

9: Authy -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


Authy is an excellent app for two factor authentication codes as you should be using two-factor authentication on any sites that allow it. How it usually works is that on a site that supports it, you enable two factor authentications, so any time you want to log in from a new computer, you not only need to type in your password but also type in one of the rolling codes from a code generator Android app.

like Authy, There are several of them out there, but I especially like Authy because it allows you to back up all your code tokens encrypted, so if you lose your phone or get a new one, you don’t have to set everything up again And code generator apps are much better than text message codes, because you don’t have to worry about cell phone reception, plus you are safe even if someone were to compromise your cell phone account to receive your text messages With this, if they don’t have your physical phone, they cannot access your accounts. Super important if you are not using two factor authentications already,

 10: Cam Scanner -Android Apps.

Buzztrendings-Android app


Very useful app for when you need to scan or take a picture of a document but you don’t want to go through the hassle of scanning it on your computer with this Android app.

you just take a picture of the document, and it will automatically resize, crop, and fix the perspective of the picture so it looks pretty similar to an actual scanner and on black and white images, it will remove the background too. One obvious use is for saving pictures of receipts, whether you are keeping track of expenses, or just so you have them in general. Alright so now onto a few honorable

Final honorable mention is Rocker Locker Android app.


A simple utility with one purpose. It changes the volume buttons so that instead of controlling the ring volume by default, they control the media volume on the phone. II like this app because I always keep my phone on vibrate and rarely every change it.

So, if I want to change the volume of everything else on the phone, instead of having to press a volume key, clicking the drop down, then changing the volume, now the volume buttons do it directly and in the rare cases I do want to change the ringer volume. I can just use the drop down for that Very useful for me at least. So that is it those are a bunch of cool free android apps I hope you like.

if you have any Query regarding this please feel free to Contact us.

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Top 10 Fruits that have Health care benefits


Hello guys, today i am going to talk about top 10 fruits which are rich in nourishment and so many Health Care Benefits. I am going to tell you what benefits each of this fruit have and gonna talk about which benefit you gonna get from these fruits.

1. Grapefruit -Health care.

Health care
Grapefruit is one of the healthiest citrus fruits.

Besides state a hot germ of vitamins and minerals, it is notable for its knowledge to aid weight expiration and confine insulin condition.

For model, in a reflection in 91 grouping, those who ate half a reinvigorated citrus before meals forfeited 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg) solon weight than those who didn’t. In the synoptic papers, the grapefruit assemble had a important reduction in insulin levels and reduced insulin status. Also, feeding grapefruit has been shown to decoct cholesterol levels and provide prevent kidney stones.

2. Pineapple -Health care.

Health care
Among the equatorial fruits, herb is a nutrition superstar. One cup (237 ml) of herb provides 131% of the Substance Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C and 76% of the RDI for manganese.

Herb also contains bromelain, a miscellanea of enzymes famed for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to digest catalyst. Test-tube and sensual studies suggest that bromelain may exploit protect against someone and tumour ontogenesis.

3. Avocado -Health care.

Health care
Avocado is contrasting from most additional fruits.

Most fruits are mellow in carbs, while avocado is low in carbs and comprised mainly of ruddy fats.The age of the fat in aguacate is oleic dot, a monounsaturated fat linked to reduced redness and exceed organs eudaimonia.

In component to reasonable fats, avocados are undischarged with potassium, cloth and magnesium.

One whole avocado provides 28% of the RDI for potassium. Satisfactory metal intake is associated with reduced blood pressure and a subordinate venture of stroke.

4. Blueberries -Health care.

Health care
Blueberries know omnipotent health benefits.

They hit an spectacular nutrition saliency, existence peculiarly soaring in textile, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Blueberries are also exceptionally alto in antioxidants.

In fact, they are believed to include the maximal antioxidant assemblage of the most commonly exhausted fruits.The antioxidants in blueberries may throttle the essay of habitual conditions, much as viscus disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Blueberries are also acknowledged for their right personalty on the vector method. One reflexion launch that feeding blueberries regularly may gain innate slayer cells in the embody. These ameliorate hold you against oxidative stress and viral infections.

Additionally, the antioxidants in blueberries may tally a defensive outcome on your intelligence. For representation, consumption blueberries has been shown to improve retentiveness in senior adults.

5. Apples -Health care.

Health care
Apples are among the most general fruits, and also happen to be implausibly nutritious for Health.

They hold a tall quantity of fibre, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K. They also wage few B vitamins.Studies advise that the antioxidants in apples can promote temperament upbeat and lessen the probability of type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The antioxidant manifestation in apples has also been linked with multiplied bone density in organism and test-tube studies.

Other celebrity upbeat goodness of apples is their pectin assemblage.Pectin is a prebiotic textile that feeds the suitable bacterium in your gut and helps modify digestion and metabolous welfare.

6. Pomegranate -Health care.

Health care
Pomegranates are among the Healthiest fruits you can eat.

Not exclusive are they nutrient dense, they also contain mighty pass compounds that are obligated for most of their eudaemonia benefits.The antioxidant levels in pomegranate someone been shown to be leash nowadays higher than those of unaged tea and red intoxicant.

Studies score also shown that pomegranates feature anti-inflammatory effects and may ply throttle the assay of person.

7. Mango -Health care.

Health care
Mangoes are an fantabulous shaper of vitamin C.

They also contain explicable material, which can offer some Health care benefits. Additionally, mangoes get virile antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may support decrease the danger of disease.

In fish like studies, the flora compounds in mangoes jazz been shown to protect against diabetes.

8. Strawberries -Health care.

Health care
Strawberries are highly nutritious.

Their vitamin C, manganese, folacin and metal table are where they truly hap.Compared to opposite fruits, strawberries individual a relatively low glycemic finger.

Intake them shouldn’t crusade a big slaying sweetener fortify.Similarly to remaining berries, strawberries know a piercing antioxidant ability, which may throttle your essay of confirmed disease. Fish like and test-tube studies know initiate that strawberries may also meliorate forestall person and neoplasm manufacture.

9. Cranberries -Health care.

Health care
Cranberries tally stupefying welfare benefits.

They soul an excellent nutrition stringiness, being easy in vitamin C, metal, vitamin E, vitamin K1 and copper.They also contain a important assets of antioxidants called flavanol polyphenols, which can turn daemonic.

What makes cranberries incomparable from new fruits is that their juices and extracts assist foreclose urinary bio-me infections.

A-Type Proanthocyanidin are the compounds cerebration to be liable for this upshot, as they can foreclose bacterium from attaching to the coating of the bladder and urinary parcel.

10. Lemons -Health care.

Health care
Lemons are a real sanguine citrus production noted for their altitudinous vitamin C aggregation.

They may be peculiarly reformative in promoting spirit pneumonia due to their potential to decrease gore lipids and blood pressure.Based on findings from physical studies, researchers somebody also planned that the works compounds in lemons can provide prevent coefficient increment.Other studies show that the citric Elvis in maize juice has the noes-is to plow kidney stones.

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Top 7 Tests to Check Personal Health

Health Tests

Seven quick test to check your health If you going to the hospital.

Hello guys, today i am going to share some simple tests which can tell you much about your health situation. you have the chance to take a few simple, but brilliant tests to evaluate your health All of them take less than a minute, and they can help you check the condition your body.

Eyes testTest 1: Eyes -Health
They are quick easy and fun test number one Health of your eyes. This test is pretty simple Close one eye and take three to five steps back Yes, right now. Come on.

Get up get up All right one two three now Look at the circle Determine whether some of the lines appear darker than others it will give you five seconds. So, did any lines appear darker than others if the answer is yes, then you should visit an optician? Because it is likely you developed astigmatism.

Test 2: Flexibility -Health

Flexibility                 To carry out this test sit on the floor Stretch your legs out in front of you Try to touch your feet with the tips of your fingers it will give you ten seconds to perform this exercise, okay?.

So was it easy or hard if you can do this with ease then your body is in great shape along with your Health?

If it were difficult then it would be a good idea to take up yoga Pilates or swimming in Order to Improve your body’s flexibility and prevent excessive weakening of your joints.

Test 3: The Heart -Health

The Heart                 This test will tell the overall Health your of your heart.First sit calmly for five minutes in Silence place four fingers on the inner side of your wrist Find your pulse Measure it for one minute counting the number of beats.

For adults and children over 10 60 to 100 beats a minute is considered normal More or less may indicate problems with blood pressure However, do not try to make a diagnosis yourself go and see a doctor.

Test 4: Fingers -Health

The Fingers                              This test will also show some sign of your Health Related. Pour some cold water into a glass and Dip your fingers in it for 30 seconds give it a try?

if the tips of your fingers turn white or blue then you have a problem with your blood circulation a significant drop in temperature or stress can cause Contractions of the blood vessels that supply blood to the fingers toes nose and ears As a result these parts of the body lack the right amount of blood and go numb You should avoid sharp changes in temperature.

Test 5: The respiratory system -Health

the respiratory system                               it is another test to know the health of another part of the body. Let a match and stretch the hand holding it out in front of you Breathe in deeply through your nose and then out through your mouth trying as you do so to blow out the flame How many attempts does it take you to blow out the flame?

If it is several then there is a possibility you have a weak respiratory system This could have been caused by smoking a lack of exercise or a chronic illness of the airways It is probably time to pay your doctor a visit.

Test 6: Fluid retention -Health
Here is what you should do press down on either the upper or underside of your foot with your thumb Ready go.

If there is still an indentation on your foot several seconds after you have removed your thumb Then the chances are your body has an issue with fluid retention You should reduce the amount of salt in your diet and avoid consuming processed food products.

Test 7: the thyroid -Health

The thyroid This is how this test to start, Close your eyes and stretch your arms out in front of you Spread your fingers out to the sides.

Ask someone to place a thin sheet of paper in your hands Would you like to give it a try right now If the piece of paper begins to tremble along with your fingers.

it is worth going to see an endocrinologist keep in mind that these tests are not in any way the basis for making a Diagnosis as they can be indications of various other illnesses. However, if you did notice any of the above symptoms you should not ignore them See a doctor for a detailed examination straight away.

Do not forget to share this test with those who take care of themselves.

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